To help ensure that Israel sits centre stage as a creative hub for opera production and performance, and the development of Israeli operatic talent.

FIO ask you to join us in supporting the future stars who will sing in Israel and internationally and to help us make sure that key projects of the Israel Opera and the Meitar Studio are delivered. Please join us on this incredibly important and exciting journey.

Shaping the future

Nurturing excellence

Celebrating potential

The Israel Opera goes from strength to strength under the guiding hands of Zach and Michael. We need your help and support to train emerging talents, encourage a new young audience, and embrace a broader range of Israeli communities.

Israeli Opera, a cultural beating heart within Israel's society . . .

Pushing Beyond Cultural Barriers

The opera company is constantly expanding musical boundaries; its calendar is packed with performances that interweave artistic styles. It harnesses the power of opera to allow audiences and performers to explore and experience classical western and traditional eastern music styles. It speaks to the heritage of all Israelis.

Live Performances on Location

The opera company is committed to staging live performance, including full-scale operatic productions, away from its home stage at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre. It sees this mission as part and parcel of its identity, reaching people who are not familiar with opera as an art form.

Challenging Inequality

What is clear is that for too many people from underprivileged backgrounds, experiencing a performance or visiting the opera house would simply not be possible; it would be beyond their reach. A performance would not be an obvious choice or possibility. A vital part of the work of the opera company is to address inequality by performing in outlying, diverse, and often economically-challenged communities.

The Meitar Opera Studio students of today are Israel's operatic ambassadors of tomorrow.